you can make
a living at that?

The ultimate guide to thinking
BIG for your small business.

If you are starting or running a small business, this book will help you think BIG! Inside you’ll find the tips and tricks that major corporations use to capture and keep customers but scaled down for small and micro-businesses. A wry guidebook for those thinking about, just starting out, or figuring out how to make their small business a success. Seriously, you can make a living at that! 

Jane Maulucci held a day job for 3 decades working in corporate marketing, sales, and training while freelancing as a copy writer and soft news reporter. She finally decided to go all in and survive on just her writing and training by utilizing the big business success formulas. Like a mad scientist, she scaled them down for her small business and they worked! Not able to keep this great find to herself, she started telling everyone the secrets which led to compiling them all in this book.

This guide takes the best business building ideas from mega-corporations and tailors them to perfectly fit small businesses. Step by step, you’ll walk through the basics of establishing your image, connecting with your market, and thinking like a Fortune 500 owner even if you’re working from your kitchen table. We’ll also talk about uncomfortable things like salesmanship and market changes. C’mon, you’ve got the idea, the energy, and the desire to be an entrepreneur. Let’s make it happen!

Listen, hear!

If you have a business you must do sales.
However, most people get the jitters just thinking about it.
Here is a excerpt from “You Can Make a Living at That?”
– a simple process to make you stellar at sales.

But, I Hate Sales!

by Jane Maulucci | You Can Make a Living at That?


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