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I was the kid who could get lost in reading the dictionary, loved the essay tests, wrote daily letters to my far away college boyfriend, and had Scrabble battles with my mom.

After 7 years of Catholic schools, I couldn’t decide what to wear so I ran away and joined the service — the United States Air Force and became a 79151 Radio and Television Journalist covering sports for the American Forces Network in Germany. When I completed my military career I kept my day job and continued as a voice actor, copywriter, and freelance soft news journalist.

One of my clients was the Hartford Courant, which was a big deal for me. I was so surprised when the editor asked me to freelance that I almost talked her out of it.  You see, when I was growing up in Connecticut, I had pored over Erma Bombeck’s humor column “At Wit’s End” in the Courant and dreamt of being a writer for that paper.

Covering sports and soft news stories taught me how to ask questions and to listen carefully for the answers. It helped me recognize that everyone has their own lexicon of words and phrases that truly express their inner thoughts and character.

When I create copy for clients, I write it in their voice, with their pacing, and their emphasis. Otherwise, there would way too much Jane in the world.

As a voice actor, I bring other people’s word to life. Silly or sappy, sad or serious I can deliver your story so that your listener gets the message and maybe the joke.

Frankly, I love the word play, the construction of a thought, the crafting of a message that moves people to take action. Let me put your words in order and we can begin our quest for benevolent world domination.

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I have a diverse client portfolio. What they all have in common is the need to define who they are and what they offer so that they connect with their audience.  
Take a look at some of my work. 

Jilliana Raymond is a spiritual author, speaker, and reflexologist.  Her website and print collateral present her extensive knowledge and experience while inviting people to learn more about her books and her ISET reflexology protocol. 

Jeanne Crockett started Crockett’s Critter Care on her own in 2012. Now she has 6 employees and very committed clients. Her website is designed to display her love of animals, the professionlism of her team, and her blog that offers “tails” and tips for pet owners

The Saint Paul Catholic School needed to refresh their website. We improved the site navigation, installed copy that  encourages enrollment, and provided the school family with the content they needed for a smooth school year.  

Holly Parker Healath

Holly Parker established her Intergrative Health proctice and was exhausted trying to find the right way to speak to her clients. Together with Holly’s web designer, we created a site that invites people to explore and understand the benefits of intergrated health solutions and the comforting care that Holly provides. 

Brian Cardoza speaks on childhood sexual abuse and his road to recovery through his artwork and writing. He is a prolific and powerful author and asked me to write the copy to succintly tell his story and encourage people to engage with him and his art.

Kind Words…

The kind you like to hear (or read) from your fans.

 “Jane has helped me on a number projects and she is a real pro! I look forward to using their services again for I always get outstanding results. “

Martin Brossman

Martin Brossman Associates

“Smart, funny and just “gets it.” Jane is a pleasure to work with!”

Meredith Lindsay

Media Mercantile

“Jane has the ability to take my thoughts and turn them into polished words that articulate beautifully the heart of my business. “

Kelly Michaud

Solid Rock Accounting

“Jane is a master of clarity no matter what type of business one might have. She listened to me with her whole being and then synthesized a multitude of my statements into the right focus for the audience I wanted to serve.” 

Elana Sunseri

Clear Mind Body Spirit LLC

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