… and why do I need it?

Imagine you own a pencil factory and you make the absolute most perfect pencil in the world. You have carefully selected and milled the cedar casing. Inside the casing is smooth writing graphite that comes from one particular mine in Madagascar.  Anyone who has used one of your pencils raves about it.

Of course, you feel that everyone should want your pencils, but as with everything except air and water, not everyone has the need or desire for it.  You must identify your market and speak directly to them to sell your magnificent pencils.

Copy sells.

To move them to buy your perfect pencil you must engage your audience. And that’s where the copywriting comes in. Copywriting elicits emotion from your audience. Copywriting encourages people to take the next step. It makes them want to call, click, or come see you.

Copywriting is Attractive, Concise, & Truthful

Journalism is just the facts, think of it as drawing a stick figure while copywriting is the full color portrait that turns heads. Copywriting presents a problem and a solution, it offers a dream, or uncovers a want that becomes a need.

Copywriting is concise. It must quickly convey the heart of the matter and move the reader on to the solution before they get bored or distracted.

Truth is a foundation of good copy. There is no need to make false claims about a product or service. Even poison has its good points…you just have to know how to use it.

Now, to sell your pencils.

You’ve determined that your target market is Creatives, specifically writers and sketch artists, who live in trendy northern suburbs on the east and west coasts.

If you were building a website your ABOUT page could start with telling them how you first decided the world needed your perfect pencil. And then go on to tell them about how the pencil is made, where the trees are harvested, your eco-friendly replanting policy, and green production facility.

On your PRODUCT page your copy will make them see and feel the benefits of your perfect pencil:

  • Our fine cedar pencils arrive in their felted case ready to convey your vision to paper.
  • The Madagascar graphite glides across vellum or card stock recording your imagination.
  • Using the included stainless-steel sharpener, you release the scent of the moist Oregon cedar forest for a moment of inspiration and relaxation.
  • The gently rounded hexagon offers a softer grip while staying put on your desk.

So sure, it is just a pencil and for most of us any yellow pencil will do, but someone wants and needs a pencil that is this perfect to elevate their day and their creativity. And the only way they will know is if a copywriter tells them. What do you need to sell?