Reach out for more success.

While many of us revel in the autonomy of being the masters of our fate it can also be lonely when you only have yourself for conversation and input. You develop a very one sided view of your business and the challenges you face within your enterprise. You may start to feel crispy on the edges and when you ask yourself a question, sometimes the answer you get is, “What?” Not a good sign.


Rather than, dump your dream of working for yourself be like the tightrope walker and build a solid ground crew. Start with face to face networking with other solo folks also known as your colleagues. No matter their products or services they are facing similar challenges with marketing, budgeting, and just the overall building of a business by themselves. Plus, they may know people who need you just as you may know people who need them. Your network can be a formal as a Chamber of Commerce meeting or as impromptu as a cup coffee or a quick lunch just to get and give some valuable insights.


This may sound counterintuitive, but connect to your competitors. You should already know all about them and how you compare with what they offer. You should also know that they are either facing the same challenges or have found solutions that they may be willing to share. Once you’ve established a basic trust, you’ll find that you can refer clients to each other and even team up on mutually beneficial projects.

Get a ground crew.


Finally, you need to have some fun with those you love and enjoy… your heart connections. It could be playing fetch with your dog, a movie night with your pals, or just a quiet cup of tea sitting in the sunshine with your beloved. Taking a breather gives your brain a chance to process the chaos in the background while your loved ones recharge your happiness batteries. A bit of fun will make you feel better and make you more productive when you head back to business.

Getting your ground crew of colleagues, competitors, and heart connections lined up will give you more confidence and clarity as you traverse the business abyss.