My internet went out. Panic ensued. My cable wasn’t working either. More panic. I rely on my internet to do business like all the rest of us. I also count on the cable to keep my cohort, as in loving spouse, occupied while I work at home. When technology fails me, I go to plan B, which is my local library.

If you happen to work at home, you must figure out your options for the days when there is too much commotion or the net goes down.  A library that is clean, quiet, and wired for WIFI is a gift we can use joyfully as taxpayers and interested citizens.

There are other challenges to the home office set up. I have recently found that many of my neighbors are not among the employed and love to talk to my husband. Good for him, not so hot for me. They rap at the door which is an entrance to our home and my office asking for my other half. Then if he is not available they feel the need to chat and be sociable. Not good when I am on a deadline or recording audio.

To counteract this bevy of good natured visitors I have created signs that tell them nicely to go away and call my husband’s cell phone. So far the signs are working with no hard feelings among my neighbors. At least as far as I can tell…

When I figure out the solution to stopping the robo-calls from the IRS I will let you know.