A most adorable retailer sent out their newsletter this week. They are new owners of an established business and the previous owners had a very committed following, plus their newsletter was really good. And, they wrote it themselves!

The Newbies started off with a nice New Year’s graphic, good wishes, and an invitation to come visit;  which was then followed by news that the store was going to be remodeled and might be messy when customers come in with stock not where it usually resides.

What the customer hears in their head:

  • The place is a mess, I will risk my life going there.
  • The place I loved is being destroyed.
  • I might go back next month after the reno is done.

Think of your audience when you communicate. This renovation is actually good news for the store, it needs a facelift and will better serve the new branding. But the customer doesn’t need or want to understand that. You have to find a way to make this change a valuable benefit for them.

First of all, give them an incentive for stopping by. Start with, “Excuse our dust! We are renovating to serve you better. Everyone who comes in during our rehab will get a special little something…”

Your “…special little something” could be an entry into a drawing for a prize, a loyalty reward for future purchases, or an invitation to a special event when the renovation is complete.

Before you deliver the news, read your message and see if what you are saying will get the right reaction.  And then adjust as needed.