The world has survived another Valentine’s Day. The sadly single and miserably coupled have gotten through the sappiness of all the dopey love birds surrounding them. Come Thanksgiving time there will be the annual baby boomlet.

With that understanding, all of you folks with November birthdays are now trying to erase the image impaled in your mind of your mom and dad at the moment of your conception. Unless it is your parents, the beast with two backs is really pretty funny.

I actually went to an X rated movie once. It was at a drive-in with my much older beau du jour (but that’s another story.) I was of legal age and it was the first time I ever went to a drive-in. I found the dialog miserable, the photography shaky, and the acting hilarious! Probably not what my date was hoping for.

But he should have. Napoleon said, “A woman laughing is a woman conquered.” And he knew a little something about conquests. So you see, contrary to the barbaric Mr. Grey of “50 Shades…” infamy,  the guy that gives you the giggles is the one that wins your heart.

Gentlemen, if you are trying to snag the girl of your dreams ignore Grey’s formula (although a steady income is important) and find a way to make her laugh. Once she is hooked on your dumb jokes or silly antics, she is totally yours forever. Remember, everyone was stunned that Jessica Rabbit was so crazy for her little honey bunny Roger.

She explained it quite simply: “He makes me laugh.”