I really hate to bring this up since it is only mid-October, but someone on Facebook posted a visual rant regarding Happy Holidays vs. Merry Christmas – with a virulent “SHARE IF YOU AGREE” in red at the bottom. Their point being that Merry Christmas is what you should say and the rest of us should recognize that it is the only thing that matters in December.

Well, it is the South. And I am a transplant. And I have friends and family who celebrate a variety of seasonal rites in the month of December. And I believe we just need to keep ourselves in that “HOLIDAY” spirit. It is a season of light, goodies, gifts, and generosity. So in that spirit why would you respond with a growl or a glower to someone wishing you well? I’ve never met an atheist who barks at the person who says, “God bless you!” for his sneeze.

You see, one person’s religion is another’s superstition. It is not an affront to have someone say “Happy Solstice” it is a sharing of the joy that the light is finally coming back. I say “Happy Halloween” and nobody gets all churlish thinking I’m casting Wiccan wisdom at them. Now, “Happy Birthday” is another thing, sometimes we just don’t want to be reminded… at least not in public.