Since I have moved to the southern climes, my fast food loyalty has switched from Dunkin’ Donuts to Bojangles. When I was on the road above the Mason-Dixon I would zip into a DD and grab a medium iced decaf light no sugar and happily zoom through the rest of my day. Now, instead of running on Dunkin’, I get Bo Time dining in with a snack pack and an unsweet tea with two lemons.

Bo stole me away from Dunkin’ because every time I place my order I get eye contact and a smile that makes me believe I actually matter. And better yet, I get a story. There always seems to be clusters of people gathered at Bo’s place sipping tea and telling tales.

kitchen toolsLate one afternoon I stopped in and got to eavesdrop on four elderly men chatting about their loves. (Elderly is a relative term that describes people 20 years older than me, at least I hope they are.)

One gentleman explained how a particular girl had won his heart: “The first time I went to pick her up, her house just smelled so good with all the cooking, that right then I decided I had to marry this girl.”

Well,  he must have, because he continued, “When I come home from work, she had the remote right where I could find it, and the house would smell real good, ‘cause she’d be cooking, and it would be all the foods I like.” And most reverently he added, “And then I would thank Jesus for all He’d done for us and then I’d thank Jesus for Joyce.”

So remember ladies, lingerie is just a detour, if you are aiming for his heart, use a ladle.