Services — Training Development

I can whisper copy in your client’s ear that will make them pay attention. I can speak to large or small groups and present captivating content on mundane subjects. I can be your not-so-silent partner with your blog or website. My goal is to help you deliver your message and capture the positive attention of your intended audience.



Training Development

I take complicated concepts and turn them into memorable training.

The best way to design training is to start at the end. I work with Subject Matter Experts to determine exactly what they need to train by identifying their end result. After pinpointing the audience, my job is to translate the solution into memorable activities that the learners can implement immediately.

I have also worked with authors who wanted to support their readers and reach a broader audience through training. I am able to work with them to organize their outstanding content into modules that build on each other, and to create activities that confirm the learner’s knowledge.

I take the pain out of training. You’ll get kudos instead of no-gos, so give me a call.