About Jane

I was one of those kids who could get lost in reading the dictionary, loved the essay tests, wrote daily letters to my far away college boyfriend, and had Scrabble battles with my mom.

After 7 years of Catholic schools, I couldn’t decide what to wear so I ran away and joined the service — the United States Air Force and became a 79151 Radio and Television Journalist. After my military career I kept my day job and continued as a voice actor and copywriter.

I worked in B2B sales developing marketing plans for small businesses and signage for mega stores. I then merged my sales skills with my passion for words to become a training developer for major corporations and business authors. By carefully listening, I was able to identify core training needs and determine the best way to deliver the message to each unique audience.

After the winter of 2010-2011, I concluded that shoveling snow off a driveway was understandable, but shoveling a roof was unacceptable, so I escaped Connecticut and moved to North Carolina. I miss the fall, but I’ve been told I can visit.